We Move Fitness Event - Toronto

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We Move Fitness Event - Toronto

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What happens when you get some of the most influential women in the fitness industry together? It can only be described in one word: INCREDIBLE!

In this jam-packed two day event, you'll have the opportunity to listen and learn in talks about strength training, nutrition, powerlifting, and yoga from Bec, Shona, Sohee, and Katie. In addition, you will also get to participate in hands-on instruction from the ladies.


  • How to gain strength in the Big 3 lifts (squat, bench, deadlift)
  • Big 3 lift practical


  • Why mobility is more important than flexibility and how you can increase it
  • Meditation, sleep and steady state cardio (the unsexy but equally important aspects of health and fitness)
  • Yoga and meditation practical


  • Dietary interventions for improving strength and body composition
  • Hip thrust and glute practical


  • Training program variables for strength and body composition improvement
  • Practical in core activation, proper form/exercises to optimize your training